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About Trome

Trome was founded end 2013, inspired by a need in the aquaculture sector. Trome’s product line consists of 4 different models (TM1-TM2-TM3-TM4), the capacity ranging from 5 cbm/h to 75 cbm/h.

Drumfilters are used for many years in commercial fish farms,… where flow rates are multiple times higher. Most drumfilters on the market are designed for these larger RAS. These drumfilters are not suited for smaller and small scale RAS as can be found in research environments, hatcheries,… Trome aims at these smaller RAS and with the TM1 the advantages of a drumfilter are now in reach of even the smallest RAS.

The new design, based on 5 years of experience in the field, together with the well thought combination of materials (HDPE, stainless steel, POM,…) results in a high quality, reliable and price efficient drumfilter that can be used in both freshwater and seawater environments.

Thanks to our extensive experience in aquaculture and that of our distributors, Trome will gladly advise you to ensure that the drumfilter best suits your needs.

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