Our story

Trome was founded in 2013, inspired by a need in the aquaculture sector for a corrosion free drum filter for small flow rates with a high efficiency and thus small footprint. Trome started with a product line of 4 models (TM1-TM2-TM3-TM4), the capacity of which ranging from 5-7 m³/h to 60-75 m³/h.

For many years drum filters have been used in commercial fish farms,… where flow rates are multiple times higher. Most drum filters on the market are designed for larger RAS. They are not suited for smaller RAS as can be found in research environments or hatcheries. Trome focuses on these smaller RAS, and with the TM1 the advantages of a drum filter are now in reach of and applicable to even the smallest RAS.

The latest TM design, based on years of experience in the field, combined with the meticulous combination of materials (HDPE, stainless steel, POM,…) results in a high quality, reliable and cost efficient drum filter that can be used in both freshwater and seawater environments. Today, we launch the new member of the TM family: TM5 with a capacity of 120-140 m³/h.

As a result of our combined extensive experience in aquaculture with the expertise of our distributors Oceans Design and Pure Aquatics, Trome will gladly assist you to with the optimal drum filter tailored to your needs.

Non metallic MDM Inc. pumps

While participating in Aquaculture America trade shows, we came into contact with MDM Inc., an American manufacturer of non-metallic pumps est. 1978. The main properties of their pumps and our drum filters align: corrosion resistance and energy-water efficiency.

Trome is now the exclusive distributor in Europe, Africa and the Middle-East for the Sequence, Advance, Genesys and C-Shell pump families. Resistance to corrosion (seawater), simplicity of design, very high energy efficiency, long service life, low total cost of ownership and low life cycle cost characterize all pump families. Ranging from a few m³/h to over 550 m³/h, the MDM Inc. pumps are a true asset for many different applications in many industries.

Driven by Innovation

With all of our solutions we aim for a higher energy efficiency, less water consumption and increased RAS profitability. Inspired by the experiences of our customers, we achieve these by design improvements and new innovations such as Smart Drumfilters and Smart pumps.​​

Our vision

The ever-growing world population is causing an increasing need for food at a global scale. The current linear food production process of consuming the natural resources is reaching our planetary limits. Oceans are being overfished, there is a shortage of water and energy production is causing climate change. We need a rapid and profound transition to more sustainable, circular production methods. We strongly believe aquaculture can help facilitate this transition and that it is a solution for more sustainable food production.

Our mission

As Trome it is our passion to invest our knowledge, technology and time to make the production processes in aquaculture more sustainable, more efficient and more profitable. We want  to maximise the lifetime of the used equipment and minimise the use of natural resources. Based on experience and driven by innovation we make the tools in the production process smarter, customisable and with more sustainable compounds.